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Areas of practice - Creditor Rights

Legal Collections

Mountain West Law Group, PC uses modern, paperless processes to track and process collections accounts. We litigate debt for large and small clients, private parties and large creditors. Our collections processes are open ended and relentless. Our efforts continue until your debt is paid or we are legally prohibited from collecting.


Our attorneys have years of experience tracking down and reclaiming personal property. From filing the case, to coordination of the sheriff’s execution of the Writ, we can recover secured property from vehicles to furniture.


Mountain West Law Group, PC has many years of experience processing residential and commercial evictions for owners and property managers. Our focus is to obtain possession in the quickest manner possible to minimize the loss of rent. If the tenant owes a balance after they are evicted, we can immediately transition to collecting the debt after the tenant in out of your property.


Mountain West Law Group, PC represents both property owners and banks in non-judicial foreclosures on real property. Our attorneys have experience filing foreclosures with Public Trustee’s offices in non-judicial foreclosures. We can negotiate to stop foreclosures on behalf of property owners through workouts, short sales, or other options that may be more beneficial to the owner.

FDCPA Defense

Consumer attorneys are increasingly creative in their attempt to attack creditors and collection agencies in their collection efforts. Our attorneys at Mountain West Law Group, PC have the knowledge, skill, and experience to help our clients navigate the statutory complexities and defend against these lawsuits. We keep abreast of the current court decisions across the nation in providing the best defense possible for our clients.